A Five-Point Checklist to Help You Hire an Interior Decorator

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A Five-Point Checklist to Help You Hire an Interior Decorator

Decorating your home isn’t easy and getting it right when you have plenty of paint colors, fabrics, furniture and accessories to choose from, is a challenge.  Whether you want to try a trendy interior style for your new home or want to upgrade the interiors of your old home, hiring an interior decorator can make the entire process a whole lot easier.

Interior decorators make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements. They start the decorating process with a consultation and then execute space planning with 3D renderings. They also assist you with furniture selection and some even provide you with products such as custom window drapery, treatments, custom bedding and hand painted furniture and murals.

To help you find the best interior decorator, here are five ‘musts’ you should look for in a decorator.

  1. Portfolio

If I am searching the web world for a local decorator, I will first look at their website and photos, it is important to me to see what type of style and creativity a decorator  has. Do they work with colors well? Can they arrange furniture and plan space well? Can they accessorize a room? Do they have a good eye for artwork?

The function and flow of a room are very important. By looking at photos from any decorator’s website, you can get a sense of what that decorator's style is and whether it appeals to you or not.

Can a decorator work with some of my existing pieces and incorporate new items, or can I start from scratch and have that decorator help me create a look that is me? You will get answers to your questions just by browsing through your prospective decorator’s portfolio on their website.

  1. Excellent communication skills.

Communication is very important, a lot of clients don’t really know how to achieve the look they are after. It is very important for any decorator to first listen to the client to get a sense of what they are all about. Clients usually know what they don’t like but are not really sure about what they do like. This is where a professional can help. There is an enormous amount of product choice and information in the market, and this is where a professional will help to narrow down choices to help the client make a well-informed decision on style and practicality.

By communicating and listening to a client and establishing a relationship with them, a decorator can then establish the personality of the spaces. I want my client’s family and friends to walk into homes of clients I’ve already worked with to feel a real sense of warmth and welcome that reflects my client’s personality and style. Your home should reflect your personality just the way you dress and present yourself to the world!

  1. Reviews.

Everyone reads reviews, it is a quick way to find out what people are saying and feeling about your potential decorator's business. We want you to know that the people you are intending to hire, are good at what they do and are dependable, honest and talented.

  1. Detail oriented.

When doing a home renovation or redecorating a room, it is all the small details that make the difference. So many things can be overlooked and can get lost in all the decision making that goes with a renovation. It is important to have a decorator that goes to each meeting prepared and on time. A designer should make a list that has to be double checked to make sure the correct item is ordered and the right procedure is followed.

There is always going to be something that goes wrong with any renovation, a backorder item, a late subcontractor or an uncovered problem. This is just the nature of the beast when it comes to renovating, so it is vital to be as prepared as possible. Check and recheck with the decorator whether the list of things that needs to be done has been done to complete the project in a timely manner with beautiful results.

  1. Honest.

Let’s face it nobody is perfect, we can strive to be that way and put our best foot forward, but mistakes happen and when they do happen I feel it is very important to be upfront about it so that a solution can be effectively and promptly put in place. I will always give my clients an honest opinion on what product, choice of colors, etc. That is why you hired me! If something’s not right, I will let you know. On the other hand, I expect my clients to be the same with me.

Good relationships are built on trust, respect and a good sense of humor. Life is short, I want my clients to be happy and at ease when working with me and my associates, and know they are getting an excellent product for a fair price.

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