How Arlene Best Interiors Helped a Client Looking For Fire Retardant Window Treatments

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As the best interior decorator in Stratford, Ontario, we have clients that come to us with a wide range of requests. Apart from incorporating these requests, we also need to adhere to several building and fire codes when installing our window treatments and home decor items.

Occasionally we face challenges in meeting these requirements and need to push our imaginative boundaries to come up with solutions.

Keep reading to learn how Arlene Best Interiors helped a client requiring fire retardant window treatments.

The Challenge: Using materials that were fire retardant.

We were approached by a client who wanted new window treatments for a commercial installation, however, due to the provincial fire code, the window treatments had to be fire retardant.

We took up the task, knowing that the fabrics we chose had to be fire retardant or had to go through a process where a fire retardant solution is applied to the fabric.

The fabric that we selected for the main living room worked beautifully with the rest of the decor and space; unfortunately it was not F/R rated and did not meet code. The fabric selected for the 12’ long side panels was a beautiful blend of natural and man-made fibers, and provided the beautiful hang required for this length of drape.

In accordance with the code, the material was ordered and sent out to be treated and then went on to the workroom for construction. The sewing was completed, but when we installed the new drapes, they did not hang the way they were supposed to.

The fire retardant solution tightened the fibres and changed the texture of the fabric, making it thicker and stiffer, resulting in the fabric losing all of its drapability. The stiffness of the fabric caused the drapery panels to encroach on the actual window, obstructing not just the beautiful view, but the entry of daylight.

With an inspection of our work just around the corner, and not enough time to address the issue, we needed to find a solution.

The Solution: Using decorative tiebacks

We neither had the time to remake the drapes, as we had a deadline to meet for the opening of the project, nor did we have the budget to pick a new fabric that was already fireproofed. As a quick solution to the problem we purchased ready-made decorative tieback tassels so that the drapes could now be pulled back off of the windows. This quick-fix was a temporary solution to pass the VIP walk-through.

Once the inspection was finished, we stitched custom-made tiebacks that held the side panels back beautifully, giving them a decorative finished look. It took us approximately two weeks to have the new tiebacks made and installed, which was in time for the public opening of the commercial project.

The Bottom Line

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