New Improved Fabrics For Family Upholstery

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Most furniture companies are now introducing pretreated fabrics, which are excellent for families with small children and pets. These fabrics are called Crypton Fabrics as a brand name and performance fabrics for other pretreated fabrics. They were successfully installed in hotels, restaurants, senior residence, and even the White House, but are now taking over homes due to their excellent performance.

Crypton fabrics were specially engineered more than twenty years ago to be different from any other textile solutions in the world. Each fabric was encapsulated with patented technology and repeatedly treated with a water-based solution containing a variety of ingredients. As a result, it is excellent at resisting stains, moisture, bacteria, and odor. This textile will protect you from any type of spill without compromising on comfort and appearance.

USP of Crypton Fabrics.

What makes Crypton fabrics innovative and in demand is their unique properties. They are liquid resistant, stain repellent, anti-bacterial, yet soft and breathable. When your sofa or couch is upholstered in a Crypton fabric, you can rest assured that nothing will get through Crypton and reach your new sectional. In case of a liquid spill, you can blot up the stain with a clean, dry towel.

By using a Crypton fabric, you are no longer obliged to go with leather as a way to extend the life and durability of your furniture pieces. The cost of original, top grain leather is much higher than these new fabrics which are softer, warmer and fashion forward with several patterns, textures and colors offered.

Today, there are a lot of furniture companies that carry these fabrics which you may find at your nearest furniture store. While Crypton fabrics are heavily priced, you will get peace of mind knowing that they are safe and sustainable.

If you are not going to use a protected fabric, you can opt for a furniture protection plan like Zucora which is typically purchased with your new furniture. It provides a five-year protection guarantee against accidental rips or tears, pen and ink stains, cosmetics stains, jeans and newspaper dye transfer, household grease, pet and bodily fluids. The cost of this service usually depends on the total price of your furniture purchase.

If you are leading a hectic, spill-prone life, a Crypton fabric may be the perfect option for you. To learn more about pretreated fabrics or interior decorating, get in touch with us at Arlene Best Interiors.

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