A Glossary of Drapery Terms

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Every industry has its own language and terms. These words and phrases can be confusing to anyone who is not part of the daily operations of a specific industry, and the interior decorating business is no exception.

To help you understand the terms, acronyms, and phrases regularly used when purchasing drapery, Arlene Best Interiors has created this handy reference guide. Here you’ll find valuable information allowing you to comprehend and communicate your drapery needs effectively.


It refers to the amount of fabric used to achieve the width of your drapes.

Drops or Cuts.

These terms refer to the number of widths of fabrics required to construct your drapes to the requested fullness.


It refers to the distance from the front of the drape to the wall so that there is no light gap at the side of your drapes.


It refers to how much fabric crosses in the center to avoid light gaps.


It is the cap at the end of the decorative drapery rod.

Traverse Rod.

It is a rod that uses a pull-cord to draw the drapes across the window.

Drapery Baton or Fling Rod.

It is a small wand that is attached to the rod and/or drape to allow for manual drawing of the fabric across the window.


It is a large metal circle that is punched into the fabric.


It is an additional flannel-like fabric placed between the lining and the face fabric to add softness or to act as an extra barrier to the elements.

Face Fabric.

It is the decorative fabric for the project.

Training Thread.

It is a basting thread run through the hem of sheers to “train” the pleats from top to bottom, creating a perfect hang.

Valance Board.

It refers to a wood board covered in lining, with velcro on the face, for easy installation and take-down of a valance.

RBS or Rollease.

It is an operating system for Roman blinds that operates with a continuous bead chain.

High-ladder Installation.

It refers to any drapes or sheers that exceed 96" in length or a blind that requires installation above 8'.

Mechanical or Glide Track.

It refers to a drapery rod with a channel for runners, eliminating the use of rings.

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